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5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster

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Blog by Ray Smiley | September 7th, 2012

Homeowners can play an important role in selling their homes in a timely manner. Consider these 5 tips to help your Remax agent sell your home faster and at the best possible price.


1-     Make the Most of a First Impression: a well-kept lawn, neatly trimmed landscaping and a walkway free from clutter help welcome perspective buyers. So does a freshly painted or cleaned front door. If it’s the fall, rake the leaves. If it’s winter, shovel the walk from any snow and ice. The fewer obstacles between perspective buyers and your front door, the better and more memorable the curb appeal of your home.

2-     Clean Up in Real Estate by Starting on your Home: Invest a few hours cleaning up the living room, the bathroom and your kitchen. If the woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Buyers would rather see how great your home really looks then to hear how great it “could” look, “with a little work”.

3-     Make Room for Space: Perspective buyers are looking for more than just a comfortable living space. They are looking for storage space too. Make sure your basement storage area is clean and free of any unnecessary items.

4-     Don’t Turn Your Home into a Second Hand Store: when perspective buyers come to view your home, don’t distract them with offers to sell those furnishings you no longer need or want. You may lose the biggest sale of all.

5-     Help Your Agent: your Remax sales associate will have an easier time selling and negotiating the best price, most favorable terms and conditions for you if showing requests scheduled through his office are accepted by you in a timely fashion. A refused showing is a potential buyer who may settle on another home in the area rather they wait for you to permit them to see your home on a time that is not suitable for the Buyer.