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7 Seemingly Minor Issues That Can Deter Potential Home Buyers

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Blog by Ray Smiley | April 7th, 2015

If you are thinking of selling a house in Ottawa, Canada, you should totally embrace the concept of preparing your property before you show it to potential buyers, especially if the home in question is quite valuable, luxurious and large. By preparing your house for visitors, you are increasing your chances of making the sale and not only that you can make more money from your property, but you can also sell it quicker as well. When you are preparing your Ottawa home for sale, make sure that you avoid the following issues at all costs, otherwise clients will lose interest immediately.

Having pests in the house

Nobody likes those small creatures with antennae, so make sure that they are not present when you are showcasing your property to potential buyers. Especially if your house is larger, you should take advantage of professional pest control services in order to eliminate all the bugs, rodents, bats and squirrels from the house. Additionally, the professionals might also gently remove any skunks or raccoons from the yard too. As a result, your property will look flawless, hygienic and inviting, so all potential buyers will be impressed.

Having lingering bad odors in your house

Never open the doors of your property on sale if there are lingering unpleasant smells inside. These odors might be caused by a variety of things such as unclean kitchen appliances, accumulation of mold and mildew, dirty HVAC filters, and so on. Unfortunately, unpleasant odors will immediately make clients lose interest and they might wonder what else is wrong with your property. Make sure that you undertake a serious and thorough cleaning process before opening the doors of your property and everything is going to be alright.

Having a seriously cluttered house

Another thing which usually scares potential buyers and makes then turn 180 degrees on their heels is having an overcrowded property. Basically, if there are too many items around and most importantly, if there is too much clutter in the house, potential buyers will not be able to sample the true beauty and value of your house. Therefore, make sure that you strip your house from the unnecessary. For example, you can get rid of piles of clothes left at random in the house, hide unnecessary dishware and cutlery from the kitchen countertops as well as the cosmetics in the bathroom. This will make a huge difference when clients pass the threshold of your house.

Having poorly installed house fixtures

If you have recently renovated your property, hopefully your contractors did a great job. House buyers are more educated these days and they are able to tell if a property has been poorly renovated or it features items which haven’t been installed properly.

For example, lighting switches which are installed wrongly can put a dent in your property's image. Squeaky hardwood flooring will also give potential house buyers the impression that this property is not fully reconditioned. If you are renovating in the future, make sure that everything is installed correctly. If you have already renovated, "hunt" for such issues and make sure that you fix them before they deter your potential buyers.

Having overly sized or unattractive carpets in the house

Carpets are great, but if they don’t improve the aesthetics of the property then they should probably be removed from the house. A lot of house buyers love to see the beauty of the flooring options, so if you have too many carpets in the house then they might not be interested in it. Similarly, carpets which are too long (from wall to wall) are equally unattractive and they give the impression that the homeowner tries to hide a poorly installed or damaged flooring option.

Having curtains which smell of cigarette

Many homeowners like to smoke indoors, but unfortunately the cigarette smoke tends to stick on almost everything including clothes, curtains, and so on. The lingering cigarette odors in the curtains might render a lot of potential home buyers uninterested by your property. To prevent this, ideally would be to avoid smoking indoors. If the curtains already smell bad and you like them very much, you can try professional cleaning services to remove lingering cigarette odors as well as dust and impurities. As a last resort, you can also try replacing the curtains to avoid losing your clientele.

Having pets in the house when home buyers visit

A pet can make an indoor atmosphere more fun and entertaining, but you must keep in mind that some people might be allergic to pets or they simply don’t like cats, parrots or dogs. Similarly, some potential home buyers might visit with their small kids who might be scared of a beautiful, but large German shepherd. Have someone take care of your pets when you take your guests on a tour of the house and your chances of selling will be increased.

Feel free to contact us if you want help in selling your property in Ottawa quicker and for more money. We will help you to make sure that you know how to impress all the potential home buyers!