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A Safe And Secure Property Can Attract More Clients!

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Blog by Ray Smiley | April 10th, 2015

Having a safe and secure property is the main concern of many people who buy new houses these days, especially if they already have kids or they need to take care of people of an elderly age. If you are selling a house right now, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to improve its security system in order to make it more valuable and safer for the future occupants. This might also help you sell your property quicker as everyone is "hunting" safe properties these days. Here are several tips and tricks you can put into practice.

Install surveillance cameras

Even a single surveillance camera can add homeowners more peace of mind, especially during the night when most thieves and burglars attack. Great surveillance cameras can film during the night, they are weatherproofed, they are made from durable materials which cannot be damaged that easily, and they can record video footage 24/7.

Install an alarm system

Alarm systems are very advanced these days and they can be totally customized and tailored according to your needs and preferences. For example, the alarm system is connected to the nearest police headquarters and in the case of emergency, police officers are dispatched to stop burglars and thieves. Similarly, the alarm system might be connected to the fire department and the firefighters will be immediately notified in the case of fire. Lastly, alarm systems might feature sensors which will let paramedics know if a person of an elderly age doesn’t feel well.

Get a garage door opener

This product is used for both practical and security purposes. A garage door opener will make the garage door safer and less prone to burglar attacks, not to mention that it will also be very convenient for you to open the garage door without getting out of your car. Also, garage door openers are more affordable these days.

Invest in residential fence with iron gates

Another security system which deters thieves and delays them in the case they want to attack a property consists of residential fences with iron gates. This type of fence is immensely durable and strong, it is very tall and hard to climb, and it will discourage most thieves from ever trying to break into your house. Potential home buyers will love to live in such a well-protected property, not to mention that residential fence also improves the curb appeal of the house.

Get a stronger front entrance door

Most thieves who attack properties try the front entrance door only, especially when they know the homeowner is not at home. To prevent unauthorized visits in the middle of the night, you can install a front entrance door which is made from tough materials and specially designed to stop thieves and burglars. These doors are available at reasonable prices on the market these days and you also have a choice of color if you want.

Make the windows safer and more secure

Thieves and burglars might also try to get inside the house by breaking the windows. Luckily, you can be protected against that too. For example, you can invest in top quality windows which feature toughened glass that cannot be damaged or broken that easily. This will stop most thieves and considerably delay the most ambitious ones. The glass from which those windows are made can easily withstand powerful hits and blows of solid and sharp objects.

Get better locks for your doors

If you cannot replace the front entrance door entirely then at least make sure that you get a stronger, newer and more durable lock. These days, there are a lot of types of locks on the market which are extremely safe, almost impossible to pick, and even featuring an attractive design. For example, keypad locks are trendy and they don’t require the use of a key in order to get inside the house. Make sure that you explore all these possibilities and enhance your property with the right defensive products. Also, don’t forget to change the lock on the back entrance door too.

Add a fence around the pool

Many homeowners also "accessorize" their pools using a fence and this is a brilliant idea. A pool fence can be very useful for pet containment, so that the cats of the future house owners don’t accidentally get in the pool. Pool fence is also very useful for keeping toddlers and small kids away from the pool, especially in those moments when they might not be supervised. Similarly, pool fence improves the curb appeal of the property, keeps the yard more organized, and increases house value, so it is a magnificent investment.

You can use some of these tips to make your house safer and automatically your property will be more appealing to home buyers. Also, if the property you want to sell is situated in Ottawa, Canada, give us a call and let us help you sell it quicker and for more money. We are experts when it comes to real estate in Ottawa and we have helped a lot of home sellers undertake satisfying real estate transactions throughout the years.