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Are You Planning to Move To Ottawa?

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Blog by Ray Smiley | May 6th, 2015

Global experts rank the Ottawa Region sixth in the world in terms of quality of life, which no doubt is quite a remarkable achievement. This ranking is done on a number of factors that include economic and social conditions, political stability, public services, environmental cleanliness and low crime rate etc. There are also many Canadian magazines that have declared Ottawa region to be the best and ideal place to live and work in.

Ottawa real estate

On the whole, the Ottawa real estate market has been quite strong from quite a number of years. It has been estimated that almost fifty six percent of all units are owner occupied. A number of innovative housing products have been introduced in the market and a lot more is still expected in response to future economics, demographic and environmental changes. The best part about Ottawa residential communities is that they offer a variety of lifestyles, whether they are located in rural, urban and suburban areas. If you are looking for a house, you will find a lot of variety in terms of architecture, location and lifestyle to meet your needs and taste.

It is expected that Ottawa’s region population will grow at a massive rate in future. These days, downtown Ottawa is experiencing a residential development revival. As per various reports, it was found that major designated growth areas include Orleans to the east, Kanata in the west, Barrhaven and Riverside South in the south.

Despite this growth, there is still ample vacant residential land that remains available for different types of housing, from high-rise apartments, to large luxury single-family homes and condominiums. Due to a growth in the housing schemes, the prices of houses have started to increase steadily since 2000. However the price of the house varies according to its neighborhood. You can also get some amazing townhouses and condominiums at a very reasonable price.

Standard of living in Ottawa

If you are planning to settle in Ottawa, then you are certainly making the right decision. This is an ideal place for those who look for clean air, affordable housing, good public schools and libraries, high quality in urban living, top class public transportation, good job prospects and some cultural scenes as well. When compared with other regions of Canada, Ottawa is considered to be one of the healthiest cities to spend your life. In Ottawa, special attention is given to the health of the citizens, after school activities, access to good schools, safe neighborhoods and no tolerance is shown for drugs and violence.

Ottawa is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. There are some amazing parks and wilderness areas within and around the urban region. There are many people who own recreational properties on the hundreds of clean rivers, lakes and streams. It is almost an hour’s drive from the border of United States and therefore carries prime importance. This region is highly popular for visual and performing arts and some other attractions as well. Apart from these facilities, Ottawa has managed to maintain charm and atmosphere of a small city that appeals to people the most.

People in Ottawa

Ottawa Region is the fourth largest urban area of Canada. Over the past ten years, its population has increased by 18000 people. It has been estimated that almost forty to seventy percent of this growth is due to the people moving in the region from other parts of Canada and from abroad in search of employment opportunities. It has been estimated that the population will increase by seventeen percent in the next ten years.

Almost half of the population speaks English as their first language while almost one third of the population speaks French. Approximately one fifth of the population has some other ethnic backgrounds. Hence you will find a fine blend of different cultures living together in a very harmonious environment.

When it comes to the workforce, one third is capable of communicating in French and English. The special part about this area is that it comprises of one the most educated population of Canada. The workforce is highly educated and fifty percent of the population has some form of university education and sixty fiver percent of the population has post-secondary education.

Special emphasis is laid on education and to meet the demand, almost three hundred and fifty elementary and high school are operating in the region. There are number of reputable universities and profession business schools as well that train the students to meet the current needs of the corporate world. The unemployment rate is reported to be five percent which is gradually decreasing over time as more working opportunities are sought.

Once you come and settle in Ottawa region, you will surely fall in love with the place and enjoy living here. No doubt, this is a part of heaven on earth!