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Buying House: What To Ask Your Real Estate Agent During Property Viewing

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Blog by Ray Smiley | August 6th, 2015

It is a great thing that you decided to use the services of a real estate agent when you needed to buy a home. This means that you know the importance that comes with using one. Remember that when buying a home, whether alone or using an agent, you need to make the best decision in order to get the best results. A realtor will help you in making those decisions by providing you with a variety of homes to choose from, answering questions, negotiating prices and giving advice whenever possible.

When you decide to attend a house viewing, do not just go to one without being prepared as a potential buyer. The agent will show you the property and give you general information about the house, but the decision to take it resting on you. In order to make the best decision, ask your real estate agent the following questions and make sure that you get a genuine answer.

Is the location safe?

Regardless of how good a home can be, the security of a place always comes ahead of everything. Ask your real estate agent about the real security situation of any given place that has a potential to make a good choice. A local agent has a powerful network and even knows people within that locality that can provide such kind of information. So, don’t just look at the house, but consider the surroundings as well.

What is great about the property?

Real estate agents deal with many home buyers and sellers on a daily basis and have knowledge about good and bad ones. They know the things that make a home to be considered best, good, fair and bad, so make sure to exploit such knowledge to your advantage. A home might not be the best designed on the outside, but has other good features that can make it the best with a little home décor and improvements. Such a home can be cheaper and have more features on the inside compared to others. During the tour get to know those details so that you can make the best decision.

An agent can furnish you with the general details about a home and expect you to draw a conclusion from them. This is not done on negative grounds, but they only want you to make your independent judgments. Appreciate their expertise by asking their opinion on what they think is best about the homes you tour.

Is the price reasonable?

Real estate agents do not need a property valuation report to know the approximate price of a home. This is because they are aware of the current real estate trends in all areas of town. They can simply compare the price of the home with similar ones that were recently sold and their opinion will help you in ensuring that you get the best price as possible for the home that you will choose in the end. Apart from this, knowing the prices will help in making the ultimate decision for the home of your choice.

How long has the property been on the market?

This is very important to know so that you are aware if negotiations are welcomed or not. A home on a new listing is less likely to attract negotiations on the asking price than the one that has been on the market for a long time. Most buyers think that a house that has been on sale for a long time must have serious problems that have made it not to attract buyers. This is not always the case. The seller might have put the price too high in the first place for willing buyers to afford and is willing to reduce the price as time goes by hence room for negotiations.

Are there any issues with the property?

Some home buyers will likely fall in love with a house without getting the entire story behind the small details. The structure and design can be very impressive but what if the house has potential flaws that might make you regret your purchase later? For instance, look at its heating system so that you do not spend a fortune on heating when winter comes.

Another issue is about repairs. Not many sellers will disclose the repairs needed before any agreement is reached at. Apart from the ones that you see during the inspection, ask your agent to dig deep and know the amount of repairs needed as well as the cost that will be incurred by the repairs. Do not settle on a house that has so many repair needs such that the cost of repairs will be almost equal to the price you pay for the house.

What you need from your Ottawa real estate agent is an honest opinion about the condition of the property that you have viewed with the aim of buying. This opinion matters because they are knowledgeable in the real estate industry to give you an accurate picture of what you will be getting yourself into.