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Buying Your Dream House Without Sweating It

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Blog by Ray Smiley | June 9th, 2014

Buying a brand new house is definitely a major event in your life and you should treat it accordingly. Basically, you have so many things to consider, so many opportunities and possibilities at your disposal that it would seem quite hard to make the right decision. Well, make sure that you remember the following tips and tricks and you will definitely buy a house you will be satisfied with for the rest of your life!

  1. Carefully assess your needs. Although this advice might seem childish, it is very important. You must spend some time to write down everything you need and want in your future house. For example, how many bathrooms you would want, how many rooms, a spacious garage, maybe a terrace or a patio, etc. Afterwards, narrow down the list and find out exactly the things you simply cannot live without, in order to make the wisest decision. Keep in mind that you do a shopping list each time you go to the grocery store, so it wouldn’t be fair to write down your thoughts when buying a brand new home?
  2. Set a budget and stay on it. This can be the most difficult part, but you have to do it. Find out exactly how much money you can invest in your new house and only inspect properties which fit your budget range.
  3. Go for viewings in moderation. Some people think that they can save time if they see more than one house a day when they are looking to buy properties. This might not be that good in the future. That is because if you inspect a house, you will be influenced by the things you see here, you might like certain items and dislike others. When you move on to the next house, you might still have the first house in your mind and judge the second one according to the first one's standards. This can be a mistake in most cases, so make sure that you allow your mind to get clear again before seeing another property.
  4. Take pictures. This is very important. It is easy to forget certain details which can make a big difference when inspecting houses, especially if you are quite stressed in this moment of your life. Therefore, make sure that you ask the owner for the permission to snap a couple of pictures of the house, both inside and outside it. Later on, you can review those pictures and many other pictures from other houses and make a more pertinent decision.
  5. Don’t rush. This is actually more important than you might think. Just keep in mind that you are probably going to spend a few years in this house, if not the rest of your life. If you rush your decision, you can regret it for a long period of time, but if you make a good choice, you will love your property every day!

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