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Different Types Of Homes In Ottawa

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Blog by Ray Smiley | May 14th, 2015

In case you have a plan to move to Ottawa in the near future, it is high time that you start look for a suitable house for yourself now. The more time you spend in looking for the ideal house, the better decisions you will be able to make. Ottawa is a big city where thousands of people shift to every year, making the house-hunting project quite challenging to handle as many will be vying for the best homes. To meet the increasing demand, different types of houses have been built to meet the needs and requirements of the residents and for those who plan to relocate. There are different types of neighborhood as well based on their proximity to downtown and the types of home they offer.

Types of homes available in Ottawa

•    Cape Cod

These types of houses are generally popular in Northeastern United States and in Atlantic Canada. However, some of these types of homes are also found in Ottawa as well. They are known for their unique characteristics like dormer windows, symmetrical layout and small footprint. A typical cape style house comprise of a master bedroom in the first floor. Generally these houses are small, about thirteen hundred to two thousand square feet in sizes.

•    Cottage

These types of houses are usually located in the non-urban areas of Ottawa. There are cottage style dwellings in urban areas as well but they are very rare. The term ‘cottage’ may remind you of something small and cozy dwelling but in Ottawa this term has no connection with the size of the house.

•    Colonial house

These are the traditional houses that are usually seen in upscale areas of Ottawa. This style has a strong influence from the Italian Renaissance style.

•    Detached

These are the houses that are totally separated from its neighbors. They offer spacious amount of space and you often get a front yard or back yard (or both) that comes along with the house.

•    Two to three storey homes

You can find a lot of variety in these types of houses in Ottawa. It is up to you whether you want to go for a modern suburban styles home usually found in Kanta or the unique brick and Victorian style homes that reflect the touch of homes of the Glebe or anything in between.

•    Townhouse

In this type of houses, three or more than three houses in a row share a ‘party’ wall with its adjacent neighbor.

•    Duplex

A duplex comprise of two units that are one above the other and is usually detached from the neighboring homes.

•    Bungalow

Bungalow is a single storey house that may or may not have a basement. They are available in different sizes and you can opt for one according to your needs and requirements. These types of homes are quite convenient for the home owners primarily because all living areas are on a single story and there are no stairs needed.

If your elderly live with you, you can easily convert a bungalow to a wheel chair accessible home. When you compare neighborhoods, you will see that the bungalows offer more privacy as compared to the neighborhoods of a two story house. You also have an option to plant trees and shrubs strategically and block the view of the neighbors.

•    Ranch bungalow

Ranch bungalow is a special type of bungalow that is constructed in such a way that the bedrooms are located on one side and other ‘public’ areas like family rooms, dining room, living room and kitchen are on the other side. In case there is an attached garage, it is usually on the public side of the house to provide direct entrance. On narrow lots, the public areas are usually designed on the front of the house. Such type of ‘organization’ is called a ‘ranch’ bungalow. These houses are generally small in size and have only two bedrooms at maximum.

•    Semi detached

Semi-detached designs are special type of houses that have two single family homes attached by a common wall.

•    Split level

These types of houses come in different styles. There are back-split multilevel houses, front split multilevel houses and side-split multilevel houses. All these types differ in terms of their front elevation.

•    Mansion

If you want to live a luxurious life, then you can look for mansions. They are large, spacious but often more expensive than their counterparts.

Understanding your needs versus wants

When you start looking for a house in Ottawa, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself before making a decision. Here are some of the questions that you must ask yourself:

•    Where do you prefer to live?

•    What is your approximate budget that you can spend on purchasing a home?

•    Do you need a new home or an old one?

•    Which style of house do you prefer?

•    How much renovation and remodeling can you afford to do in the short run?

•    Do you have any special requirements like wheelchair access?

Well, if you need help in finding an ideal house for sale in Ottawa, why not get local real estate agents like us who understand the region like the back of our hand to help you? We can help you when it comes to all types of real estate in Ottawa!