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Things to think about when cutting the cord on phone service

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Blog by Ray Smiley | February 12th, 2015

So you are thinking of transferring your home phone service to a Voice over IP service or VOIP instead of a traditional corded phone service. Although this is becoming more and more common as people are realizing that they can reduce their average $50Cdn a month Bell Canada phone bill to a $4Cdn monthly bill all while often getting more services, there are a few things you should be cautious about. The services offered today like MagicJack.com and Vonage have remarkably good sound quality and offer a large variety of standard features - free calling all over Canada & the US, caller ID, Call Waiting, etc. They still are not foolproof as I have discovered. If you run a fax machine in your home office, fax service is not compatible with VOIP service. They just don't work for transmitting and receiving documents. Fortunately, home scanners have come down in cost so much that they are almost ubiquitous with more home office scenarios and having an online fax to email service such as efax.com will help you take care of this issue. This will also give you the added bonus of receiving faxes while on the go to your smartphone or tablet.

Another problem that will often come up with a switch over from landline to VOIP is with your home alarm system. Many of these are monitored by an offsite professional alarm monitoring company. But these systems use a wired phone service to talked to your alarm's main circuit. And they too do not function with cord cut.jpgVOIP service. There is another quick and cost effective service that can be used by adding a cellular communicator to your alarm system. These boxes use the local cellular provider's network to allow the monitoring sta5tion to talk to your alarm's main circuits. The device adds to any alarm in minutes and costs about $10Cdn a month to operate. 

These are just a few simple fixes that you will need to undertake when you cut to cord of expensive landline phone service in favor of a VOIP phone service to your home or small business. There may be other solutions available. As always, check the for other possible solutions to your unique problems that will come up.