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How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

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Blog by Ray Smiley | November 12th, 2014

It's ironic that sometimes you can take a huge step up the property ladder and greatly improve your living conditions but actually end up feeling somewhat upset by the whole process. Unfortunately, while a new property might be better in every conceivable way compared with the last placed you lived, it is likely to lack one very important factor: the feeling of being home.

Our homes are places where we spend a huge deal of our time and if you have lived in the same place for any number of years then you will likely have formed many memories there. You might even have seen your children grow up in that place and you'll probably remember a huge number of funny stories and touching moments.

What's more, your home was always there for you after a long day at work or a tired trek home after a night out. It was always warm, always comforting and always there to provide you with your things. In this way, it can almost feel like a friend at times.

Then you toss it aside in favor of a new, flashy property that might be a better investment but has none of that sentimental attachment… It's the smart decision but it can still leave you feeling a little treacherous and often the new place will feel a little cold and unwelcoming at first.

Fortunately there are a number of clever things you can do to make a new house feel like a home in no time. And before you know it you'll find yourself becoming even happier here thanks to the increase in size and quality of the property…

Top Tips to Make a New House Feel Like Your Home

Clean It: One of the worst things is moving into a new place and finding that it feels grimy and dirty around the edges. This is highly comforting and especially the fact that it's not your 'own' mess can make you feel a little uncomfortable. Many people actually find the moment when they first move into a property to be something of a shock – they're seeing it for the first time completely empty and with no furniture and that's when it starts to look a little rough around the edges and grubby.

Right away then, one of the first things you should do when you move into a new property is to go around and give everything a thorough clean. Immediately it will feel lighter, more spacious and more cozy as a result.

Redecorate: Not everyone will have the funds or inclination to redecorate their new home as soon as they move in but if you can find the time then it can make a huge difference in making a house feel like home. The reason for this is that when you buy any home for sale, you will be buying it with someone else's decorating. If you paint the place your colors though or add in your own furniture, it will be much more to your own tastes and thus will feel much more familiar.

Put Up Photos:
We have a very strong psychological reaction to faces and even when we see them in photos our brain can interpret that as meaning that we're in company and thus help us to feel happier and more at ease. Putting a few photos up and around the place then can instantly make the place feel less like a 'stranger' and more like a friend. This works even better if the photos happen to be connected to a strong memory.

Plants: Plants are alive and natural which means they can instantly lend personality and a more natural feel to a piece of real estate. Furthermore, they have also been shown to help reduce blood pressure and calm the nerves. They can even stimulate creativity!

Use 'Anchors': An anchor is something that you have had for a long time and that thus has come to represent stability and constancy in your life. If you have a teddy bear from when you were growing up for instance then this is the perfect example of an anchor. Sit it on your wardrobe and at least one thing in your home will be the same as it ever was.

Have a Party: Really though, feeling at home in your new property is not about filling it with things or cleaning it. Rather, it is much more about filling it with new memories and experiences. This is one of the best reasons to throw a house party early on, as that will right away give you a fond memory of the home where all your friends and/or family were together in those four walls.

And most importantly: stop questioning it. The more you ask yourself 'why doesn't this feel like home?', the less it will. Simply go about your business and let your house do its job. Soon enough you will find it starts to feel like more than just a building as you come to know it as the place where you rest your hat.