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How To Tidy And Organize Your Home Interiors To Score A Successful Property Sale

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Blog by Ray Smiley | December 29th, 2014

If you are planning to sell your house, it is highly important that you pay special attention to your home interior. Generally people spend more time and energy in enhancing the exterior of the house because they believe that a high percentage of homes are sold within minutes when a potential buyer enters the driveway. No doubt this is true to some extent, however, it must be realized that if a buyer who is looking for investing in real estate in Ottawa will be utterly disappointed if he enters your home and see a cluttered, messed up living space. Their disappointment will further lead to a delay in your home sale.

When preparing the interior of the homes for showing, it is highly recommended to adopt a much targeted approach regarding the items that are in your home. There is a chance that you have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years which you must discard. Before you plan to sell your home, you must scrutinize your home items and put them in order. It is better if you categorize them in the following groups and do the following:

•    Sell old or unused items    

If you have some valuable stuff that you hardly use, it is better that you sell them. There are many online sites that are designed for this purpose and can really come in handy. If you feel that you have loads of items that can be sold, a yard sale might be the right option for you.

•    Store items

Seasonal clothing, mementos, family heirlooms and furniture that you do not have space for can be packed and stored if you feel that you will be using them in your new home. There are storage units that you can easily rent out for a few months. You can store the unused items there while your home is being showed. This will make a huge impact as you will see that your home looks more spacious and uncluttered than before.

•    Donate

There are many charity shops in town that take old furniture, electronics and clothes. If you have some items that you do not need, you can easily donate. There are some companies that pick the unwanted items from the doorstep as well.  They will really save a lot of time.

•    Keep

This is a self explanatory group. However, it is important that you keep the items in an organized manner. If there are some decoration pieces you love, place them in a nice corner that make your home interior look more beautiful.

•    Throw away

It is quite common to see people collecting a number of useless stuff in their homes for no good reason. When selling your home, it is high time that you sort them out. Items you do not need must be simply thrown away. If you have large items that you want to discard, you can easily rent out a dumpster for yourself.

While cleaning your one room at a time, keep the above mentioned tips in mind and you will certainly be surprised to see the results. Once you have slimmed down your possessions, you will be in a position to show your home to other prospective buyers. Here are some helpful tips on how to further enhance your home’s interior:

•    Thorough cleaning

Cleaning your house is highly important. You must ensure that your windows are properly cleaned. You must dust everything and clean other surfaces and floors. If you see stains in your carpet, there is no harm in hiring a carpet cleaning service or renting a carpet cleaning machine. There are some home cleaning companies that can clean your house thoroughly before you put your house for sale on the market.

•    Painting

If you haven’t painted your house for some time and feel that your walls look old, then it high time that you pay attention to it. Soiled and dingy walls never give a good impression. Going for a fresh coat of paint will certainly make your home look more appealing. It is better if you stick to some neutral color like white or off white.

•    Repairing

Before you plan to show your house to any of the investors, it is better to get the repair work done in your home. Repair the damage to the drywalls, walls and plaster. Similarly, if you need some woodwork to be done, get it done as soon as possible. At the same, pay attention to the leaky faucets and of course shower heads.

While these are the general tips for the entire home, you must give attention to each and every room of your house and make every possible effort to make it look appealing. You will surely get a good return from the time and money you have invested on this project.