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Real Estate: Renovation Tips To Increase Your Home's Value

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Blog by Ray Smiley | November 10th, 2015

Remodeling, whether small or big can be a great way to add value to the property. Usually, making minor changes can add a lot of value to the home and thus you should know which type of renovations you should make. This is because if you make unnecessary changes, you will incur huge costs while making a minimal increase in the sale value of your home. Below, you will find the top five home improvements you should add to your home.


This usually adds significant value to your home. Today, this has become of the most important things homebuyers will inspect in a house. In fact, when you do not have it, it makes your home look unhealthy. Thus, you should seek the services of professional renovators to update your home’s insulation and by so doing will make the job of real estate agents much easier when they are selling your house.

Add a deck

If you have certain rooms which have enough space where a deck can be installed, then you should do this to increase the value of your home.  This will usually create an “indoor-outdoor flow” feeling that buyers will desire. Additionally, they are great spaces for entertaining family, friends and guests and it is something prospective homebuyers will really admire.

Refitting the kitchen

Since real estate agents know that many home buyers spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to buy well fitted kitchen, you should refit your kitchen before asking your agent to put your house on the market.  In as much as you should tidy up the place, you should also use two very important techniques: replacing and recovering. This means that you should evaluate your end goals, budget and current status of your kitchen to determine which technique you will use.  

Whether it’s replacing or recovering, your key goals should target the cabinets, benches, skirting and drawer fronts. Handles which have been well cleaned will make a big difference and it does not cost much to do it.

Updating the bathroom

Just like the kitchen, your aim should be to modernize this space. If your bathroom appears old, it will make it hard for the estate agent to sell your house to prospective buyers. You can simply replace some of its fixtures such as faucets, lighting and cabinet fronts which will quickly transform it to a modernized bathroom. Additionally, you can replace the strained grout.

Creating a better curb appeal

The first impression is always the most important. By creating an appealing curb, you will make the property more desirable and add value to your home immediately. This means that even if your house happens to be the best, if you cannot get people to come in through the door, it will be very hard to sell it.

Therefore, you should make your lawn or garden areas look appealing as much as possible by adding plants and tidying it up. You can also paint the entrance of the house which will also remove any cobwebs present. To make the entrance even more appealing, you can paint the door a bold color to make your house stand out. However, you should restrain yourself from going over the top in making it “excessively bold”.

Planning is very essential when renovating in your home. By observing the tips above, you can significantly add value to your real estate in Ottawa. More so, it will make the work of your real estate agents much easier as they will have various tools to market your house to prospective homebuyers. This is because in today’s market, homebuyer preferences have become quite specific. There are some who want proper insulation and there are also those who want a certain type of kitchen. Meeting these needs will make your house sell much quicker!