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Renovate Well Today To Sell Your Home Well Tomorrow!

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Blog by Ray Smiley | February 4th, 2015

Renovation has the capability to revamp your house from a totally boring place to an incredible palace to stay in. It works within the limitations of the current boundaries of your house but it can indeed work magic and wonders to transform your house and give it a whole new makeover. There are four key areas of renovation you need to learn about to renovate well to sell your house well and in this article we will take you through this four areas of renovation.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is indeed the heart of the home and the heart of the family that resides in. It has been proven that the kitchen is the most sought for and most judged part of any house viewing by buyers, so make sure to get your buyers interested in your house by having a lovely kitchen out to display to them. This is why kitchen renovations give you up to 75 to a 100 percent of returns from your renovation investment and this is proven by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Kitchen renovations can be pretty pricey, but that does not mean you should skip this part of the renovation process. Since it is proven to give you great returns, use it as a guide to plan the biggest portion of your renovation budget to spend on your kitchen renovations. Renovating your kitchen doesn’t mean scraping everything off its place to revamp it to a brand new one, but it simply means to upgrade what you have currently to a higher level. For example, upgrade your kitchen countertops to granite from tired laminates, and get more clean and fresh looking tiles to replace your current ones.

Bathroom renovation

The next most important place in your house where buyers would set their eyes on is your bathroom. No one is going to be feeling appealed by a dirty looking bathroom which is well used and tainted over time on its tiles. Having clean and sparkling looking bathrooms is known to increase the overall valuation of your house so listen up.

Make sure firstly that you have enough number of bathrooms in your house. Especially if all other houses in your neighborhood have more bathrooms that your house does, then make it a point to add one bathroom as part of your renovation works. This is important for families to feel more likely to place your house on par or higher than the others that they spot in the neighborhood. Needless to say, having more than one bathroom in the house is very important for families with working adults and school-going children, as no one wants to be queuing or fighting for the bathroom early in the morning while rushing for their work.

Other modifications you can make to your bathroom includes placing in modern but matching showerheads and faucets, having a new, shining sink and adding a new layer of paint to your existing walls. Also make sure that you repair and adjust any existing plumbing defects.

Painting up your house

Having a fresh layer of paint in your house works more wonders and gives you more returns from your renovation that you think it does. It can make your house look from dull to pretty exciting and even if the weather and climate outside is gloomy or too bright, your house will be constant a place of warm and cozy love with excitement and freshness. Your wall paint coats don’t have to be of the best quality, you can even pass it off with a simple Do-it-yourself job which is done up well. Make sure different parts of your house have their own appropriate yet different colors but make sure that you keep constant with the color theme of your entire house so that you can indirectly tell a story to your buyers.

Basement renovation

Basement renovations are the most sought for type of renovations when someone wants to renovate their house after a long time or if they want to renovate their house to create more living space due to an expanding family. Basements can make very cozy and lovely living environments for families to gather when they want to have time together.

If your basement is not done up yet, getting it renovated can be an exciting way to attract buyers to show them how much of extra space you have in your house which can be used to spend time together. It can also be exciting news for you as before you sell your house, you can utilize this space for yourself and your family and reap the benefits from it!

Although basement renovations can be pricey, they too give you up to a full 100 percent returns when you renovate them, and this can increase your profits from the sales of your house by a few folds! Make sure you never show an empty and dirty basement to your buyers as getting it renovated is an easy way to multiply the valuation of your house.