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Summer Becomes The Right Time To Sell

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Blog by Ray Smiley | June 11th, 2012

Previously the best time to sell or begin to rent a property was during the spring; this is when people feel more optimistic, the days are longer and for many it is a time for new beginnings. Autumn has always been historically popular as people rush to be settled before the winter sets in and the cold weather and thoughts of expensive gifts for the children at Christmas put moving onto the back burner.

Until recently Summer has been a tough time to rent and sell a property form many reasons. The school holidays lead to a huge chunk of the population being away as most families can only go on vacation at this time. Over the past 2 years we have seen a rise is Summer property sales and rentals, here are some tips for you to maximise your opportunity.

Light & Fresh

Summer is all about light, freshness, colour and spaces so let’s begin with the front garden, driveway and general first impressions. Try to mow the lawn every 3-4 days if weather permits, trim back hedges as this will give an easy to handle look. Weed the driveway and pavements leading to the front door. Plant a few colourful easy to look after flowers which will bring a hint of summer to your property. You should also look at painting any outside wood, window/door frames, fences and garages. Whites will reflect the light to make the property shine.

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Tidy, Easy Viewing Spaces

Try to avoid clutter throughout the house. For non essential items you should box or store them, keep them out of site when onlookers come for a visit, try to avoid placing them in the garage, attic or spare room as this will make the rooms look small and unusable.

The viewers should be able to move through the property without facing obstacles or clutter; they should be able to move freely and imagine enough space for furniture. Sometimes empty space can be more powerful than having a ‘demonstration’ piece of furniture in place as it allows them to imagine more space than is actually there. Remove any items of furniture which may be large, unique and not to every ones taste as these can abstract the layout of the room. Also polish floor boards and clean carpets and remove additional rugs.

Quick Fix DIY Jobs Are A Priority In Summer Light

Repainting is a good idea for rooms which look a little warn and lifeless. This will be exaggerated by the summer light whereas a freshly painted room will truly glow. You don’t have to spend a fortune just a neutral colour which will catch the light. Repaint the hallway, including banisters and railings as this will be the first thing a person will notice on entrance to the property. Place any coats out of sight. Tidy away keys, post and replace with a vase of fresh flowers.

Light Is Your Friend

When viewings are due, open all of the curtains to let in as much light as possible. It may be worth washing all curtains and nets as well as changing any heavy, thick curtains. Window sills should be clutter free and clean and quick lick of paint along with washing the windows in and outside to set the scene as they look out of the windows.

As much a pets are a part of the family, they should be removed from the property when viewings take place, this will prevent odours and mess. This with allow viewers with allergies or phobias of animals to relax and not just imagine the property with or having had pets. Set the scene by letting the light in, open all curtains, adjust the temperature accordingly you don’t want it to be extremely cold or muggy, and provide small refreshments. Summer air fresheners and flowers should be placed throughout.

Hopefully these tips will help you get a quick sale or help you find tenants for your property. Remember to make sure you cancel any buildings insurance policies you have in place on the day you move out and if you're renting make sure to set the start date for your rent guarantee insurance to the date your tenants move in to avoid wasting any money on premiums unnecessarily.