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Three Advantages of Inspections for Ottawa Real Estate Estate Homes

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Blog by Ray Smiley | May 14th, 2012

All buyers should have inspections on their Ottawa real estate homes. Once house buyers understand what a home inspection is, they know why they need one. After all, buying a house without this all-inclusive checkup is like buying a used vehicle without driving it. Qualified experts review the buildings from foundations to roofs. House shoppers get three things from these experts on construction: current problems and future repairs. Even more important than these first two items are the shared maintenance tips and tricks.


Answering: What is a Home Inspection?


A home inspection is a review of a dwelling from the bottom to the top. Inspectors of Ottawa real esate homes check the following list of items for problems or signs of problems:

•             Foundation

•             Floors

•             Operation of windows and doors

•             Ceilings

•             Walls

•             Exterior siding

•             Trim

•             Roof

•             Electrical systems

•             Plumbing systems

•             Appliances

•             Heating and cooling systems

For example, water stains on ceilings indicate a problem. If the stains are on the first floor of a two or three story house, the problem could be a leaking roof or leaking water pipes. Once this expert notices trouble, he or she has the expertise to discover the cause or referred the problem to another professional. Either way, the buyer has information and options.


The Answer to: Should I Have One Done?


Potential buyers of Ottawa real estate homes benefit two ways from these written reports. Purchasers know what they are buying. Some issues are small and inexpensive like replacing an electric outlet in the kitchen with the GFI plug. Other problems may cost a few hundred dollars or a thousand dollars if furnaces need tune-ups or appliances need to be replaced. However, major repairs like leaking roofs or settling foundations are expensive.


When problems are discovered, buyers have choices. Common options include:

•             asking sellers to fix the problem

•             handling the problem after closing

•             renegotiating the sales price to cover the cost of repairs and taking responsibility for the issue or

•             finding a different property in better shape.

After all, knowledge is power especially for buyers of Ottawa real estate homes.


The First Advantage: Problems


Because smart home shoppers hire and pay the home inspector, the inspector works for them. Any information received is delivered to the clients. This expert on construction and buildings is looking for defects that need to be addressed quickly or make the building a risky investment. Some issues can be corrected with a few thousand dollars while other problems require major investments. Uneven floors and windows and doors that do not open and close properly are signs of a major problem. Usually, these items indicate the building is moving for some reason. A substandard foundation or wooden sills that are decaying are possible causes. Only a full investigation will determine the problem, the solution and the cost.


The Second Advantage: Future Issues


Home inspectors willingly share their knowledge with their clients. These experts know that exterior paint wraps the building in a protective coat. Houses need to be painted every 10 to 25 years depending on the quality of paint, condition of siding and environment. If the dwelling requires a new coat of protection in the next 3 to 5 years, these consultants carefully explain what needs to be done and why. Replacing older but still functioning furnaces before they quit working is a smart, long-term investment. New energy-efficient models reduce utility bills. With this information, buyers set aside funds to protect homes and reduce costs.


The Third Advantage: Maintenance Tips and Tricks


As inspectors for Ottawa real estate homes do their jobs, they constantly explain maintenance issues. Sink traps corrode and need to be replaced occasionally. When these experts point out this easy plumbing repair and explain how to do it, buyers can make the repair themselves. This procedure saves these smart future homeowners money.


Ottawa real estate homes come in all conditions. Some houses have obvious problems while others have hidden issues waiting to happen. Trained home inspectors checked the house from top to bottom and alert their clients to current and future repair needs.  These professionals also give maintenance advice. This way, shoppers know the true condition of the property they are buying and have options.