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Top Things To Do After Settling In Ottawa

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Blog by Ray Smiley | May 11th, 2015

For the past several years, many people are shifting to Ottawa with their families because of the numerous benefits the area provides. Ottawa is one of those areas that have experienced a rapid population growth rate in the past decade. If you are one those who have recently settled in Ottawa then you might be feeling like a greenhorn to the area because you do not know many people here and have no idea about the places as well.

Shifting to a new place is a hectic project and you must relax yourself for a few days before you head towards your daily activities like schooling and job etc. The best part about Ottawa is that it has something special for all age groups. Here is a list of some of the things you can do right after you have shifted to Ottawa. You can make a list and keep marking them off as you proceed:

•    Visiting the Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum is almost ten years old. Over the period of time, its popularity has shown a massive increase and now it is considered to be one of the finest museums of Canada.  It is something new and a must-see attraction. The Canadian War Museum reflects the country’s military past and how it assisted in shaping the country. The exhibitions are simply outstanding because they explain the country’s rich military history from the earliest times to the present. The museum features the experiences of the people who were on the battlefield and at home in an amazing manner. If you are fond military history, then it is a must visit place for you.

•    Parliament Hill and its buildings

Parliament Hill is considered to be the cultural and political heart of the city. You can avail the free guided tours that are arranged every day and can also avail the chance to visit the Peace Tower and enjoy a spectacular view of the city from there. All through the year, the Hill is the focal point of for various biggest celebrations of the country and thousands of people gather at this place for entertainment and some of the best firework show.

•    Rideau Canal Skateway

As winter approaches, there is no need to hibernate and wait for the sun to shine again. It’s high time that you welcome winter by skating through the heart of Ottawa. You can only be a true Canadian if the winter pushes your creative buttons for some new and thrilling ways to get outside and enjoy the snow! Rideau Canal skating has now become more like an annual tradition where hundreds of skaters visit the canal and have some good time together. You can really have a good time in experiencing this Canadian tradition with a cup of hot chocolate readily available in the nearby shops. If you don’t have skates, you can easily get them on rent.

•    Ottawa River Parkway

If you are looking for a place that is calm and close to nature, then Ottawa River Parkway is the ideal choice. This is a must visit place for those living in Ottawa and for those who are visiting Canada on their vacations. It is a scenic drive that runs along the banks of the Ottawa. Do remember to take your camera with you because you would really love to capture some breath taking moments there. The dramatic view of the river is outstanding and will surely force you to appreciate this natural beauty. For the cyclists, the Parkway offers an ideal afternoon ride as well.

•    Notre Dame Basilica

Notre Dame Basilica is one of the most popular historic sites of Canada located in Ottawa. It is a large Gothic Revival cathedral that is built of ashlar limestone. It is located on Sussex Drive across from the National gallery of Canada. It is known for its unique architecture and people from all across the world come and visit this cathedral. Once you visit this place, you will surely not be able to stop yourself from praising its interior decoration, design and craftsmanship. Although it has been renovated several times and more additions are made to its structure, yet it is popular for its timeless finishing and embellishments.

•    Local spas

After a long hectic week, everybody loves to relax his nerves. For this purpose, numerous spas have been opened in Ottawa that are known for providing the best service. These spas offer a number of services like signature massages, facials and some other luxurious spa treatments. To attract more customers, the spas and salons keep offering a number of deals that are worth availing. You can keep an eye on these deals and discount offers and enjoy high quality massage from skilled professionals to work out all the tension and stress of the day.

Ottawa, on the whole, is a very exciting city. Some people find it really hard to settle in a new place but the people of Ottawa are very welcoming and known for their hospitality. You will surely start loving this amazing city in almost no time!