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Want To Sell Your House Quicker And For More Money?

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Blog by Ray Smiley | June 9th, 2014

Selling your property can be a very profitable transaction, especially if you do it right. Well, you might be happy to know that a couple of tips and tricks will help you get the most money out of your house and make the new homeowner happy as well. Put the following pieces of advice into practice and you will definitely be satisfied with your real estate transaction.

Undertake a serious home inspection and repair your property

You absolutely need to inspect your house in order to discover any flaws and faults. If a customer is interested in your property, he will eventually do this anyway and it will make you look unprofessional and careless. A thorough home inspection done by the professionals using the latest equipments will reveal any structural flaws, problems with the plumbing and electrical systems, insulation issues, clogged gutters, foundation damage and so on. After you discover such problems, you should repair them and not only that your house will be more practical and beautiful, but you can also ask for more money for it as well.

Remember to de-clutter your house

Nobody likes a mess, that’s for sure. If you want to make a great impression and attract more clients when selling your house then make sure that you get rid of all the items you don’t need. For example, sell old stuff from your basement, put extra furniture pieces in a storage unit, donate clothes you don’t need any longer and etc. By getting rid of as much stuff as you can, not only that your house will look cleaner and more welcoming, but it will also appear more spacious as well!

Get rid of pests at all costs

Pests can make your potential customers run away simply because they ruin the image of your house. Frankly, who would live in a house which is infested with different types of pests such as ants, termites or mosquitoes? Therefore, make sure that you call the exterminators and you get rid of bugs, mice, rodents and bats as soon as possible. You should also inspect your yard for raccoons and skunks and your roof for squirrels as well. As a result, your house will be cleaner, any wooden furniture items in your property will remain in a great condition and there would be no health threats in your home either.

Make your house more aesthetically pleasing

Another excellent tip you can put into practice would be to give your house a small "facelift". This is not hard at all and you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to make your house more attractive. For example, you can add a lawn, repair your roof, add a hedge around your house, add glass pool fence, add new and more economical outdoor lighting options which will reveal the true beauty of your house, etc.

Make sure that you consider these useful tips seriously and your property will definitely attract more potential buyers in the future. Additionally, if you want more help with selling your house, make sure that you take advantage of the professional services of our real estate agents and you will not be disappointed!