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Why the Perfect Home Isn't Always What You Thought it Would Be

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Blog by Ray Smiley | November 12th, 2014

When we set out to find our perfect home, we often have a number of ideas as to what that is likely to constitute. We might for instance have a good inkling as to where we're likely to want to live, we'll probably know roughly how much we want to spend and we'll probably have a range of other criteria that we consider requirements such as the size, number of bedrooms etc.

These are the specific criteria that you will then use in order to perform our cross searches when looking online and to narrow down our options. But what might surprise you is that very often you'll end up finding your perfect home… and it won't be what you thought it would be. Let's take a look at why this can happen.

The Thing You Didn't Think Of

Sometimes you will have an idea of what you want from a property and what you don't want, but this idea is only going to be based on what you know. There are 'unknown unknowns' that you can't possibly predict too and as such you will sometimes find a property that has something wonderful extra that you just hadn't considered.

For instance, you might not have thought that you would be able to afford a pool and so you possibly didn't even have that on your 'radar'. But then if you were to find a property that was comfortably within your budget that had a pool as well… you might be interested. And you may even find that that property with a pool ends up trumping the other things you thought you really wanted. No matter how much the other places look better on paper you just can't get the property with that amazing extra feature out of your head and as such it's what you end up going for.

It's Different in the Flesh

When we think about the properties we want we will often be very logical about the things we think we want and need and thus we will write down the details of a property that looks perfect on paper. However there is a big difference between what sounds good in theory and what is actually most important when you find yourself in the property. Perhaps for instance you were adamant that you didn't want a box room only to find that a particular property has managed to do something quite nice with their box room demonstrating that this needn't be such a big deal. Likewise, you might think you need a conservatory until you look around a few and ultimately find that they aren't really all that important after all. It's especially easy to come to this conclusion if you look around a few that maybe aren't all that nice. You might also have said that the location didn't matter… until you got a chance to look around the local area and changed your mind rapidly!

Compromises Are Necessary

Quite early on, you're likely to discover that your perfect property just doesn't exist and that you're going to have to make a compromise somewhere whether that's on price, on size or on location. Even if money is no option and you're lucky to have a huge range of properties to choose from, you are at least going to have to compromise insofar as you'll need to come to an agreement with your partner and family.

You don't really buy a dream home then, so much as make one once you've moved in. Thus buying the right property for you becomes no longer a matter of choosing somewhere that is perfect in anyway, so much as it is a process of choosing somewhere with the potential to become something more and to become that ideal place for you and your family even if it does take a little work.

What You Need Versus What You Want

When making compromises and trying to make the best choice for you and your family, it will often come down to a matter of choosing what you need versus what you want. While you might be seduced by that big garage you could turn into your gym or workroom, that's not actually going to increase your happiness as much or make your life as much easier as just living closer to the local amenities. Listen to your real estate agent on this one!

That Extra Something

Sometimes though you'll find the perfect property and you'll have no idea what it is that appeals to you. It's almost as though the property chooses you rather than vice versa, as often you'll find yourself looking around a place and automatically feeling comfortable and happy there. The place might sound completely wrong on the face of it, but if you get that homely vibe then really that is worth making a lot of compromises for. Really then, your choice of home will very often come down to more of an emotional decision rather than a logical one and that is why it's often very hard to accurately predict the kind of home you're going to end up in…