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Your Home Can Sell Fast If You Consider The Following Tips!

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Blog by Ray Smiley | May 19th, 2015

Selling your home can be quite intimidating if you are doing it the first time. And this is also true for those with experience selling. You should note that sometimes this is a big undertaking and it needs an informed person so as to navigate through the selling process. There is good news though, you too can improve your home selling experience with these easy selling tips and even get the home off the market fast and at the right price:

Lowball it

You don't want your house to take longer on the market. In fact, the more it is on the market, the more potential buyers will start questioning what is wrong with your house. If this goes on, you will be left with no other option other than launching a series of price reductions. It is imperative to price your house low from the outset so as to get buyer's attention. In fact, if you set the price low, potential home buyers will be the ones to raise its price through a bidding war. You are to reap back your money and get profit without much effort. Just make sure that what you are selling is something attractive and inviting.

Brush up on your marketing skills

Having a good product and pricing it low doesn't necessarily mean that you will sell it fast. It is time to market it! You need to do research and look up other listings online or visit other open houses to get the feel for what works the best. This will help you in differentiating your listing from others by focusing on the best features of your home. You want to be unique and make your listing look its best. Taking great pictures of the home will catch the eyes of potential buyers so make sure to take advantage of it. And always ask for opinions from friends and family.

Renovate smart

You don't want to invest lots of bucks and time into a home you are about to sell without seeing much in return. You should note that a good renovation isn't the only ticket to a great home sale. Home buyers who are looking to save bucks on a fixer upper for instance, are easily deterred by renovated homes. And every home buyer wants a good deal. Therefore, it is prudent to consider inexpensive and simple ways to improve the look of your home. A fresh coat of paint and fixing noticeable areas can be your bet.


Do a good job in generating interest in the home and buyers will want to come and see it. A good home presentation comes in handy especially if you are looking to sell your home in the next few weeks. You need to hide items that could give the potential buyers cold feet. De-clutter the place and add a fresh coat of paint on the walls to give your home an inviting look. People don't want to see personal items during the home showing, so you may decide to arrange a garage sale and even donate items that you no longer use.

And the choice of color is important when it comes to presentation. Go for the light, neutral colors to give your home an unmatched hue. Clean the house from top to bottom and make sure that you eliminate odors including the pet related ones. Don't forget to spruce up the entry way because this will be the first thing people will see.  First impression can make or break the entire project, so make sure that the outdoor is at its best.

Find a good real estate agent

You should note that selling your home is a big responsibility. It is a fact that sometimes people find it hard to hand control over such large transactions in their lives to someone else. But a reputable real estate agent can really come in handy in helping you to sell your home quicker and for a better price.  You don't want to navigate the home selling experience on your own; it could end up costing you even more than the real estate agent's commission would have. And real estate agents have more information in this field, so they can always advise you on what to do beforehand.

People have to go through the process of selling their home at least once in their lives, but it does not have to be stressful or intimidating. All you need to do is to apply the above tricks and tips. And if you are selling your home in order to buy a new one, then congratulations!

At Ray Smiley, we work tirelessly to ensure that houses are sold fast and dream houses are bought within budget. If you are interested in our real estate agent services, don't hesitate to contact us!