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Your Home Isn't Selling Fast? Find Out Why!

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Blog by Ray Smiley | February 6th, 2015

Some professionals would deceive you with a false opinion that selling your house is as easy as putting up an advert online and waiting for emails and phone calls to pile in. In reality, selling a house is not that easy at all. Doing sales in a fair play market requires you to do a lot of preparation, introducing your property during good market times and following a lot of expert advice.

There are some lucky friends that you would definitely have who have managed to sell their houses off for great prices fairly quickly, but that is not the norm. Most probably, they would have also been owners of uniquely prepped up houses which attracted attention quickly due to its charm. If you don’t think you have put in enough work into your house for it to be sold off quickly, then do not expect your house to be selling off fast in the market.

In this article we will take you through prime ways with which your house may not be selling off as fast as you would like it to. Take note of these points so that you can avoid these from happening to yourself when your house is not selling off quick!

Putting up sub- standard photos online for your ads

It can’t be emphasized more that you need to have great photos of your property up online on your ads when you place them on websites for people’s viewing. No one is going to be impressed with poorly taken photographs which have shaken, are blur and are of poor color quality. High definition photographs and videos of your house can up your rating in the market by a few folds. So even if your house is not that great, you can make your photographs and videos look great by allowing them to be of good quality, and allowing them to be taken by the right professionals.

But that doesn’t mean you can take photos of your messy house to put them up. Any job requires preparation and so does this. If you can, do all possible renovations to your house and make sure everything is dusted off to be neat and clean for your photographs and the lighting to reflect off well and show well.

Make sure your house is not messy; remove any clutters from any areas that are being taken a photo of. Try to make photographs make your house look bigger than it is, because that is what photographs are supposed to do! Again we have to reiterate that you need to get a proper camera and a professional photographer to hit off on this job. No one will be impressed with poor quality photographs taken by your smart phone camera.

Placing a price which is not right

The first two weeks after your house is put up on sale is when it is going to be at its prime of attracting buyers. If your house is priced at a price which is too much for its real value, then in these two weeks you are going to lose buyers are they are obviously going to find better alternatives. Having your property underpriced can give you a whole long waiting list of people ready to get your house to be theirs, but your will be running a loss given you having done renovations and other works to get your house to be at where it is right now.

Make sure you are practical when you set a price for your house. Try and find out your top competitors around the area and see what the condition of their house is and how they have placed a price according to that. You would not want to go too much lower than their stated price just to attract buyers, but you would want to play smartly with their prices and yours to make your house stand out. All of these need expertise and professional advice so make sure you have your own real estate agent doing all this critical thinking and planning work for you.

Not allowing the buyer to view your house

Buyers themselves have their own works to attend to, and might have their own busy work and family lives to take care of. There is only a very small number of buyers who might be potentially buying your house will agree to view your house ONLY when you are free. Since you are selling your property, you have to adjust to your clients’ needs by being available when they are free instead. If you say no to people who want to have a closer look at your house, then be prepared to lose them as after trying once or twice they are going to move on to other possible options.

Be it night or day, make sure you have the setup of your house prepared up for any buyers to come and view it. Be open to late minute notices as you might never know which one of them can turn into a really good deal for your house sale.